Rikard Axel Poulsen (1 December 1887 – 22 August 1972) Born in Copenhagen, he was brought up in Odense where he was introduced to wood carving by his father. He went on to study sculpture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts under Carl Aarsleff and Joakim Skovgaard. He was awarded the Academy’s gold medal in 1913 for his relief “Christus uddriver Kræmmerne af Templet” (Christ drive the moneylenders from the temple). From 1912, he exhibited at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition. He then spend a few years in Rome and Florence where in 1914 he completed his “Den første Kærlighed” (First Love) in the Italian Renaissance style, inspired by Donatello’s figure of St John. The work represented a new theme, the sexuality youth.


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