All photos in this gallery are taken with my old Graflex Crown Graphic 4×5 inch camera.
I really like this old thing, it forces you two take it slow and two think about what you are doing. You can’t rush things with that thing
Not only does it take time to take the picture but then it takes two hours process the negative befor you even get to scan it til computer.

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All images are made on old fashioned silver gelatin photo paper.

Price for a 30x45cm signed image is  75.00 EUR

“Black’n White 4×5 1”

“Black’n White 4×5 2”

“Black’n White 4×5 3”

“Black’n White 4×5 4”


“Black’n White 4×5 8”


“Black’n White 4×5 11”
Worn out shoes


“Black’n White 4×5 14”



“Black’n White 4×5 17”

The deep woods

“Black’n White 4×5 18”
Harbour at nignt

“Black’n White 4×5 19”
Harbour at night

“Black’n White 4×5 20”
The Fog

“Black’n White 4×5 21”
Morning mist

“Black’n White 4×5 22”
White Rose

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