The term wet plate photography comes from the photographer covering the plate with a light-sensitive emulsion. In doing so, the photographer creates a photographic sensor that captures the image.
The emulsion contains silver halides. These react when exposed to light. It’s similar to the emulsion still found on camera film today.
But unlike rolls of film, you can’t send your plates off for development. The plate has to be developed at the time. For landscape photography, it required a portable darkroom.
The photographer needs to develop the photograph where they are. They need to mix the chemicals and bathe the plate. It can be a bit complicated and requires the right knowledge. Get the mixture wrong, and you might accidentally end up with an explosive cocktail.

Well, my Wet Plates are made in Photoshop because I do not have the knowledge or tallent to make the real thing.

Price for a 30x45cm signed image is  75.00 EUR

“Wet 1”


“Wet 2”


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